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Empower Fitness Lab

Get your heart rate up with this cardio and strength ass kicking with a twist. This is the first "Tri-Concept" Studio of it's kind. With a full H.I.I.T (High-Intensity Interval Training) Studio, full Cycle Studio, and full Yoga Studio. I am the Creator, Program Director, and lead instructor for the Cycle and Yoga Lab, as well as a trainer. Come check out an experience like no other. 


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Pralaya Yoga 

Pralaya Vinyasa - For active beginners to experienced. This class brings a slow vinyasa-style to PRALAYA, as poses are linked together with breath. Achieve muscle balance through the cultivation of strength and flexibility. Explore variations on classical poses and an introduction to pranayama (breathing) in order to maximize the activation of muscles, organs, and energy systems. For those with more experience, find challenge in pose progressions within the flow sequence. Expect a steady pace with detailed instruction. Leave class feeling the best kind of paradox - accomplished yet challenged and relaxed yet energetic.

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