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Alicia Tillman

Yoga Teacher. Athlete. Trainer. Cyclist. Yoga for Athletes. Goal Coach.

Awkward Yoga Girl is...

Awkward Yoga Girl =  Alicia Tillman. Yoga Teacher. Music Enthusiast. Always Hungry. Amazing Shopper. Former Sneaker Addict. Kale Killa. Bike Rider. Trap Yoga Goddess. Group fitness Instructor. Certified Personal Trainer. Natural Hair Having. Near sighted. Birkenstock hustler. Juice loving. Taco enthusiast. Non Clubber. Long island drinker. The University of Houston Alumni. Student loan deferrer. Horrible Driver but will get you there alive and on time.  Natural Hair Queen. Listener. Talk the talk, walk the walker. Blunt.
Resting Bitch Face Fabulous.

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